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Get your credit back on its feet

We Keep Fighting For You Until Your Credit Score Goes Above 720 Even Without Pay!

With 99% Effectiveness and 75% Cheaper

Than All The Big Credit Repair Law Firms and Companies Combined.


Client Testimonials


Rodriquez S:

Finally able to get a good job in a bank. My bad credit stood in my way for 3 years. Credit Life Resuscitation fixed it in 60 days.


Erin I:

This company Rocks! They gave me my life back I highly recommend them if you have bad credit that needs a lot of work.


Leighton G:

I was very happy with the help I got from Credit Life Resuscitation. My FICO score went up from 620 to 750.


Irene J:

I really thank Credit Life Resusciation. I will make sure I keep my credit score at 720 from here on.


Melisa K:

Credit Life Resuscitation sure did good by me. A law firm wanted $150.00 monthly for almost one year. I only spent $299.00 here and boost my FICO score from 560 to 724 all within 4 months.


Jose A:

These people fixed my credit from 450 FICO score to 701 in less than 90 Days. Highly Recommended.


Sabrina M:

Gracias, Credit Life Resuscitation. Estoy muy contento con su trabajo.


Joe G:

I am able finally to buy a house. They raised my FICO stuff from 601 to 740. It took only five months.


Mary K:

I should have used you folks first instead of wasting my time with Credit Pro. You Guys are way cheaper and more respectful than them folk.


Nico W:

I am grateful. Thanks for repairing my credit. You guys are the best.


Richard V:

Good people! Honest Service! Good price.


Uputawa N:

I appreciate your customer service style. I appreciate your compassion. LOL! I appreciate your price. Thanks for lifting my credit score from 520 to 680.

Licensed & Bonded.

We Vow To Remove Erroneous Record From Your Credit File Or Your Money Back.

Because we are committed to making life a little easier for you and your family by improving your credit. We are credit professionals and we love what we do. We come to work daily with the determination to put a smile on someone’s face and it is the thank you we get everyday that motivates everyone on our team.

We’ve helped our clients remove many unfair
negative items, including:

  • Collections
  • Bankruptcies
  • Late Payments
  • Repossessions
  • Charge Offs
  • Foreclosures
  • Liens
  • Judgments

Talk to a credit professional about how to fix
certain unfair negative items on your credit report.

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